Highly Educated

Each Synergy technician has years of experience and ongoing training, and offers massage in multiple disciplines, including therapeutic, relaxation, and rehabilitation.

Proactive Approach

A proactive approach targets the body as a whole and how it works together. Being proactive also means deploying preventative techniques to help defray the possibility of overuse injuries and chronic conditions.

Specialized Service

Some physical disabilities result in reduced muscular function. We are trained to work with differently-abled patients and also offer ergonomic and therapeutic exercise education.

Long-Term Support

Our services are designed to help alleviate your pain and increase your mobility now, and into the future. This is achieved by not just targeting the source of the issue, but also addressing the supportive body systems influencing that area. Whole-body wellness is our ultimate goal.

Synergy is a word with Greek origins.

Loosely translated, it means “the creation of the whole from the sum of its parts,” or “working together.” I’ve named my massage and wellness service Synergy because I know that your best health relies on your body’s many systems working together. Wellness is not achieved just by one factor. It involves a healthy heart, strong muscles, a clear respiratory system, strong bones, a flexible dermis, and so much more. The body is the sum of its parts all working together, and massage is a powerful way to simultaneously engage multiple body systems for optimal wellness.

Tracy Cornett

Registered Massage Therapist

Tracy Cornett

My name is Tracy Cornett. I opened Synergy Massage & Wellness in 2003 after more than 20 years in the home care nursing industry. Many people think home care is only about caring for the elderly, but that is not the case. Home care also means pre- and post-natal care, helping accident victims recover, working with the differently-abled, etc. The one thing all my patients had in common was this: their mobility was limited in some way. Sometimes it was a temporary limitation, such as seen in a car accident. Other times it was chronic limitations brought on by age or poor health. Mental limitations cannot be discounted either, as nervous disorders such as agoraphobia, can limit one’s movements. I knew there was one, proven, treatment that could help all these varied, yet similar conditions: massage.

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We bring the massage to you!

The many benefits of massage

If you have yet to experience the many benefits of massage, or if you are looking for a new massage and wellness clinic, Synergy is your solution. Our whole-body approach, high level of ongoing training, clean and sanitized clinic, and relentless pursuit of your wellbeing makes us stand out. We pay attention to your needs and reasons for treatment, and ensure you feel comfortable and supported throughout your session.

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As a mother of five, I have noticed a significant difference in my children and myself since we have started seeing Tracy, our Chiropractor has even mentioned the difference.  I also LOVE that Tracy has the ability to direct bill our insurance company.

--M, Synergy client

Our Services

Massage is a multifunctional, medication-free, holistic, and natural treatment suitable for a wide range of applications. Massage therapy is scientifically proven to reduce muscle and joint pain, ease anxiety, promote sleep hygiene, and help treat some aspects of depression. Each client has unique needs, so each session is completely customized for those needs. The best part is, we are mobile! We come to you so you can get all the benefits of a massage right in the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

Therapeutic Massage

Accidents, injuries, sprains, and neuro-muscular conditions affect your joints, muscles, and tissues. Living in chronic pain erodes your quality of life. Therapeutic massage can greatly relieve the pain and promote faster healing.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation is not just about pampering yourself; it has great health benefits too. When you are relaxed, your stress level drops, and so does your levels of cortisol (high levels of cortisol contribute to multiple issues including heart disease and weight gain). Relaxing improves your sleep quality, concentration, and even your digestion. You deserve to enjoy all the health benefits you can get from relaxing.

Couples’ Massage

By couple we mean your romantic partner, parent and child, girls’ night out, sports buddies – what is better than relaxing with the people you love? When you need a great option for date night, bonding, or just trying something new with a friend, try a couples’ massage.

Corporate Chair Massage

This is the perfect way of treating your guests at an event like a trade show, fundraiser, or office party. We bring the chair and each person gets a short and sweet massage. No unrobing necessary, and maximum relaxation guaranteed! The chair massage setup takes up very little space, and we can massage 4-8 guests per hour.

The Spa-taculuar Massage

Have all the fun and relaxation of a spa massage come to you! Not only do you get the spa experience in your own home, this package is perfect for anyone with restrictive benefits. Your payment goes further with this package than what you would get for your money in a spa.

Random Acts of Massage

Want to share the benefits of massage with a local business you support? Nominate a location to receive 1.5 hours of on-site chair massage. We will visit one location per month. This is a great gift for your clients, vendors, or any business whose day you’d like to brighten.

Package Pricing

We offer packages for your convenience. GST is added to the prices below.

Single Massages

  • 1-hour massage

Silver Package

  • Four 1-hour massages

Gold Package

  • Six 1-hour massages

Platinum Package

  • Twelve 1-hour massages

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